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With over 40 years of legal and judicial experience, a small business owner and entrepreneur, Steve Leibel is the most qualified candidate in the Georgia House District 9 race. Steve has a reputation of being a fighter, who is unafraid to challenge the status quo. His no-nonsense, cut through the "red tape" approach will be a breath of fresh air in the Georgia State House.

A Dahlonega resident for over 20 years, Steve has been married to his wife, Julie, for 33 years. They have 3 grown children.


"As a certified police officer, I am unafraid to take on those who promote a liberal agenda, threatening our right to bear arms."
—Steve Leibel


Steve is an attorney and a certified police officer.

He graduated from Emory Law School and the North Central Georgia Law Enforcement Academy.

Steve is plugged in to District 9 communities.

He is a graduate of Leadership Lumpkin and has served on the board of Legacy Link (the Area Agency on Aging for a 13-county area in north Georgia), and on the Board of Governors for the State Bar of Georgia.  Steve was a founding member and Vice Chairman of Foothills Community Bank, and is currently on the Board of GASSA. He and his wife have been active supporters of area schools and the larger community.

Steve has experience representing north Georgians.

As an advocate for his client, and in cooperation with the FBI and other government officials, Steve helped shut down a corrupt Lumpkin County hospital, that had been operating illegal labs. As a result, Lumpkin County now has a flourishing hospital through the Northeast GA Health System.

Steve has earned the trust of many prominent citizens.

Steve is Lumpkin County Sheriff Stacy Jarrard’s personal attorney and provides legal counsel to the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office. He has served as a Federal Trial Lawyer, Municipal Court Judge, and as a Peace Officer.

He has been endorsed by Lumpkin County Tax Commissioner, Rachel Pruitt; retired Dawson County Sheriff, Billy Carlisle; and the former Mayor of Dawsonville, James Grogan.


Why Steve is running.



  • Back the Blue

    "Back the Blue” isn’t just a slogan for me, because I’m part of the Blue.

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  • Public Safety

    A major concern that we all share is for public safety. Steve will never vote to defund the police.

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  • Second Amendment

    The Second Amendment is absolute. Local, state, and federal governments do not have the right to infringe upon gun ownership.

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  • Term Limits

    Term limits open the door to fresh insights and new ideas. Even with strong leadership, the public sector flourishes with new blood. 

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  • Pro-Life

    Steve believes that Roe v Wade is unconstitutional and in the sanctity of life.

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  • Veteran Care

    We honor, but then ignore our returning veterans. Steve proposes a medical and educational concierge service, 

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  • Taxes and the Senior Exemptions

    Seniors are a valuable resource in our community. There is no need to change the senior exemption.

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  • Trail of Tears Museum

    North Georgia was once the home of the Cherokee Nation. A Trail of Tears Museum should be established to teach the world about the past.

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  • Promoting Small Business

    In our area, we have many fine tourist attractions but not enough restaurants, lodging, or B & Bs.

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  • Infrastructure - Roads Are a Priority

    Roads and bridges in District 9 are of major concern to our area. Tragic deaths and accidents on our roadways are due in part to the age and rural character of roads built long ago.

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  • Education

    Parents must be involved in educating their children. ‘Educrats’ have not solved the crisis wherein teachers must “donate” their own money to provide school supplies for their classrooms.

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  • Full-time Constituent Services

    Steve knows that many citizens need help in navigating government resources. As your representative, Steve will use his state “salary” to hire interns, who will provide constituent services for our district.

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