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Vote Steve Now

July 8, 2020

I came to appreciate my long-time friendship with Steve Leibel and his wife Julie. I told him early on I wanted to beat him, as I did the other candidates, but that we would all remain friends. What evolved and changed for me personally during the campaign was a stronger distaste for establishment politics than I thought possible and that is why I have publicly endorsed Steven Leibel.

There's a lot to like about my friend Steve. He's an honest guy who will fight for this entire district. I truly believe he will represent this district with conservative principles and will give the establishment someone to contend with. Don't dislike him just because of the cliche that "he's a successful attorney". Heck, some of our founding fathers were attorneys. If you want change, if you want a fresh perspective not tainted by Atlanta politicians, support and vote for Steve. #unbossedunbought

Doug Sherrill,
Former Lumpkin County Commissioner