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Vote Steve Now

RETRACTION: How Wrong I Was About Steve Leibel

May 13, 2020

In a letter to the editor [of the Dahlonega Nugget] last week, I said too many candidates were handicapped—they had no ears. I said 17 brochures arrived in my mailbox but only 2 had a phone number printed thereon to make it easy to talk to candidates. Well, I must also be handicapped (no eyes) as Steve Leibel’s material DEFINITELY had a phone number.

I also said Steve did not call me after I wrote him 2 different emails with that request. That was correct, but only because my emails went to his spam folder. He actually combed his spam folder, found my request, and called me before he was aware of my critical letter to the editor—a letter that could not be changed because the paper had already gone to print.

I have since met Steve by phone and in person. Smart guy with common sense. Talks straight without playing both sides of the fence. Has accomplished enough as the world counts success that he could play big shot. However, has a sincere servant approach to life.

I apologize to Steve and to NUGGET readers for getting it wrong when I lumped him in with the other candidates who don’t seem to have ears. Steve has no hearing deficiency!

Vote Steve Now
Bud Stumbaugh
Former Georgia State Senator
Dahlonega, GA