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Vote Steve Now

July 8, 2020

I came to appreciate my long-time friendship with Steve Leibel and his wife Julie. I told him early on I wanted to beat him, as I did the other candidates, but that we would all remain friends. What evolved and changed for me personally during the campaign was a stronger distaste for establishment politics than I thought possible and that is why I have publicly endorsed Steven Leibel.

There's a lot to like about my friend Steve. He's an honest guy who will fight for this entire district. I truly believe he will represent this district with conservative principles and will give the establishment someone to contend with. Don't dislike him just because of the cliche that "he's a successful attorney". Heck, some of our founding fathers were attorneys. If you want change, if you want a fresh perspective not tainted by Atlanta politicians, support and vote for Steve. #unbossedunbought

Doug Sherrill,
Former Lumpkin County Commissioner

Vote Steve Now

July 6, 2020

I am an Army Ranger and we lead the way. I BELIEVE Steve will Lead the way into the Capitol and fight the war to protect a way of life in the 9th District. 

As a United States Marine, we live by the code Semper Fi--Always Faithful. I BELIEVE and trust Steve will always be faithful to the great folks of the 9th District as he goes to the Capitol to fight and preserve our way of LIFE!!

Tyler Tolin,
Retired Ranger

Vote Steve Now

July 13, 2020

I support Steve Leibel because he supports Senior Citizen Tax Relief without qualification; no need for a consumption tax.

Amos Amerson,
Former Georgia House Representative

Billy Carlisle, Former Dawson County Sheriff endorses Steve Leibel for GA State House District 9.

February 14, 2020

I have worked with Steve while being your Sheriff of Dawson County. I fully endorse him as your next State House Representative.

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Rachel Pruitt, Lumpkin County Tax Commissioner endorses Steve Leibel for GA State House District 9.

May 14, 2020

Steve Leibel is highly qualified to represent north Georgians, and this is his time to serve!

I met Steve in 2009 when he agreed to provide pro bono representation for our department regarding state retirement benefits. Long before his political aspirations came into play, he was fighting for his fellow man. His caring for what is right and protected under the law was obvious then and is obvious now--it is just part of who he is.

There is no doubt that Steve will take this proven and battle-tested level of caring and that fighting spirit in the future representation of District 9 citizens.

Vote Steve Now



Vote Steve Now

RETRACTION: How Wrong I Was About Steve Leibel

May 13, 2020

In a letter to the editor [of the Dahlonega Nugget] last week, I said too many candidates were handicapped—they had no ears. I said 17 brochures arrived in my mailbox but only 2 had a phone number printed thereon to make it easy to talk to candidates. Well, I must also be handicapped (no eyes) as Steve Leibel’s material DEFINITELY had a phone number.

I also said Steve did not call me after I wrote him 2 different emails with that request. That was correct, but only because my emails went to his spam folder. He actually combed his spam folder, found my request, and called me before he was aware of my critical letter to the editor—a letter that could not be changed because the paper had already gone to print.

I have since met Steve by phone and in person. Smart guy with common sense. Talks straight without playing both sides of the fence. Has accomplished enough as the world counts success that he could play big shot. However, has a sincere servant approach to life.

I apologize to Steve and to NUGGET readers for getting it wrong when I lumped him in with the other candidates who don’t seem to have ears. Steve has no hearing deficiency!

Vote Steve Now
Bud Stumbaugh
Former Georgia State Senator
Dahlonega, GA


Former State Senator, Chip Pearson
Forsyth County Commissioner, Dennis Brown
Dahlonega City Council Member, Johnny Ariemma
Dahlonega City Council Member, Ron Larson
Former Forsyth County Commissioner, Marcie Kreager