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The closure of schools presents a food security risk for hard-working people and their families in our District. Food delivery during these times of crisis should be of paramount concern to all in government. Our schools have the capacity to prepare food for kids and their families. Fortunately, our school bus drivers can step up to the challenge presented by the pandemic to deliver food to their bus stops, so that kids can get the nutrition they need during the weeks they are away from their schools.

The fact that our kids are at home, in an effort to contain the virus, should not mean that they can’t continue learning. However, the lack of solid internet infrastructure in parts of our district makes it much more difficult to do this. Many other countries rely solely on cell phone service to communicate and receive data. The State of Georgia must turn to the private sector for help in seeking solutions. Established internet providers can help in making data available. As your representative I will work diligently to seek new solutions to bring quality internet to everyone in our District.