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Steve Leibel calls upon the State Government to take immediate action to provide for the health and safety of all Georgians, by adopting a Small Business Guaranteed Loan Program for each business that needs funding to keep employees paid during the pandemic, plus two months thereafter. Such funding would provide economic security to all Georgians, and maintain the economic status quo until the pandemic subsides.

The closure of schools presents a food security risk for hard-working people and their families in our District. Food delivery during these times of crisis should be of paramount concern to all in government. Our schools have the capacity to prepare food for kids and their families. Fortunately, our school bus drivers can step up to the challenge presented by the pandemic to deliver food to their bus stops, so that kids can get the nutrition they need during the weeks they are away from their schools.

School Bus Drivers should continue to be paid while schools are closed to deliver meals to the children on their routes. Not only does it feed the kids, it also keeps drivers employed to provide for their own families! We need to take care of our kids even when schools are closed, we need to take care of our bus drivers as well.